Mental Disorder: Causes And Cure

Mental Disorder is an abnormal condition which changes the behavior and action of individual suffering from it. Mental Disorders are looked over as disorders of different sections of brain. Causes for Mental Disorders are both environmental and genetic. There are different classifications of Mental Disorders like those of International Classification Of Diseases, World Health Organisation, American Psychiatric Association, etc.

Mental disorders can be categorized and distributed widely including problems of anxiety, phobias, obsession, depression, and panic. Gender identity disorders, Personality disorders as well as Hallucinatory disorders also included in Mental Disorders.

There is no general agreement about a single cause for Mental disorders.  Generally a combination of the environment in which an individual lives, especially during childhood, causes most of the mental illnesses. Child neglect and sexual abuse at early age could severely affect the thinking pattern which could cause abnormality in the activities of the individual. However, all mental disorders are not based on social causes; there are also medical causes for such disorders. In some cases this abnormality is by birth. The main reason for such birth problems could be genetic malfunctioning, intake of drugs by mother during gestation period.

A person may not have a proper neurotransmission system which could affect individual to respond abnormally during pain and may posses a weak reflex system. This may be due to different sizes and functioning different sections of brain.

There are different symptoms for different disorders accordingly. As in case of anxiety a person may not have a proper sleep or could indulge in talking alone. Similarly anxiety of fear could provoke a person to flee. In many cases a person would tremble, shake, sweat and show a higher pulse rate. Individuals suffering from childhood abuses would lack in normal actions and would show cheerlessness as well as hopelessness. This may be caused by poor child hood care or due to molestation. In child abuse cases a person would show hatred towards a particular sex, suspicion and may even instigate him/her to commit suicide. People affected from schizophrenia may suffer from problems of visual as well as auditory hallucinations.

A person can avoid depression by living in a real world and dealing with problems in pieces so that the stress doesn’t superimpose the normal functioning of the brain. Small disorders could be treated by counseling and taking rest. In other cases treatment is grouped into somatic and psychotherapeutic.

Psychotherapeutic ways include counseling by psychiatrists and people around individual. Somatic ways include medication which is carried out by giving anti-depressant pills like fluoxetin and citalopram. Haloperidol may be used for schizophrenia problem. Somatic treatments also include Electro Convulsive Therapy, which is given in very severe cases. In this therapy a series of electrical shocks are given to the brain. ECT has been proved to be efficient and no problems such as memory loss arise. Contrary to the general belief ECT is a safe therapy.

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